Cover Reveal: Malevolent Mind by Misty Harvey

Published February 24, 2017 by Jennifer Loring

img_0208 Malevolent Mind

A story so dark, twisted, and unfinished has a way of driving the sanest to the brink of insanity.

Between the constant bullying from Heath and his friends and the unrest of not knowing what happened to her twin, Raven seeks revenge. Years later, she becomes the nanny for Heath’s young son, Kade. She helps him start a horror story with a plan to bring the horrible creature Kade created into the real world to torment Heath and his friends. When Kade’s creation no longer wishes to do Raven’s bidding, it becomes a life or death fight. The only way to survive is to figure out how to finish off the creature before she finds freedom. Will Kade discover a way to stop the creation of his malevolent mind? Or will Raven’s revenge consume them all?

img_0209 Misty Harvey loves writing spine-tingling horror novels sure to thrill readers. The psychology behind such tales has always been a fascination for her since she was young, to the point that she once contemplated taking up psychology as a profession. Still, her love resides in the art of storytelling

Her favorite things to do when not writing are crafts, wrestling with her dog, avoiding her cat’s bite, and generally making her husband and daughter crazy. Oftentimes she can be found creating vivid tales with her daughter about whatever mundane thing happened in their day and turning it into a crazy story. She is also an avid gamer, crochet goddess (we shall pretend there), domestic queen, and animal tamer (it’s a work in progress).

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