I would like to acknowledge all the support I have received in completing my doctorate and dissertation. My husband, Zach (who gave me an Xbox Series X for Christmas 2022 so I could continue to play the latest games), as well as my friends have kept me sane over the past few years, even if it was only through social media or texts. In particular, it has been a privilege to get to know Yusef Bunchy Shakur, Erika Casburn, and Blue Storm not only as colleagues but also as friends.

Many professors impacted my work during my time at Union Institute and University, so I want to thank the late Dr. Karsten Piep, Dr. Anu Mitra, Dr. Nathalie Nya, Dr. Debby Flickinger, and Dr. John Giordano for their contributions as I developed my research question.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge and thank my wonderful doctoral committee. I especially would like to thank my chair, Dr. Diane Allerdyce, for her support, encouragement, and advice throughout the process, particularly in my choosing to do a non-traditional dissertation format. I also want to express my gratitude to Dr. Woden Teachout and Dr. Luke Chwala for taking such an interest in my graduate studies even before I asked them to be on my committee. The work I did in earlier classes with them resulted in chapters of this dissertation, for which I am grateful.

This dissertation is dedicated to Daisy Mae Hound Dog — June 12, 2008 – May 30, 2023.

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