Human Remains

“Human Remains,” now that I think about it, was probably one of the biggest influences on my early writing. My short fiction often featured characters like Gavin, lovely to look at but broken on the inside. Though he is a prostitute, Gavin is not victimized by his profession (prostitute-as-victim has in itself become a cliche);Continue reading “Human Remains”

The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing is another movie I’ve seen multiple times and which never ceases to be enjoyable. Aside from the special effects (amazing for 1982, and I still curse the day that CGI was invented), the film is notable for its atmosphere–isolation and paranoia saturate every frame of the film. There is no placeContinue reading “The Thing”


The sense of isolation, whether physical or emotional, is a key component of horror fiction. Fear and despair become far more palpable when one must endure the feeling of being completely alone in their experience. Now transfer those emotions to the terrifying vastness of space, where, as Alien‘s famous tagline goes, “…no one can hearContinue reading “Alien”

The Yattering and Jack

Clive Barker’s “The Yattering and Jack,” from The Books of Blood–the tale of a man, a demon, and a turkey. OK, it’s not really about the turkey. But that is one of the most memorable scenes in a story that is equal parts a horror parody and a comedy of manners. Jack’s wife has anContinue reading “The Yattering and Jack”

30 Days of Night

I am an unabashed nerd who goes to comic book conventions and plays video games. Graphic novels are one of my favorite things in the world. I’ve owned 30 Days of Night for many years, probably since shortly after it was released, and it provided a much-needed respite from the romantic, whiny bullshit that hadContinue reading “30 Days of Night”

Electronic Saviors update

Last year I posted that I would be taking part in the second edition of the massive compilation Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer. I’m excited to tell you that the time for pre-orders has arrived! My track, under my DJ name (DJ Lollidrop) appears only on the premium edition, but no matter whichContinue reading “Electronic Saviors update”