The Funeral

“The Funeral” is Richard Matheson’s absurd yet charming short story about a vampire who wishes to attend his own funeral. His guests include familiar faces, particularly from the 30s and 40s era of horror films–a hunchback, a werewolf, a witch and, well, more vampires. As with I Am Legend, Matheson questions our perception of theContinue reading “The Funeral”

I Am Legend

It’s been difficult for me to reconcile the fact that Richard Matheson, who wrote the fantastic and influential vampire novella I Am Legend, is the same man who went on to write Hell House. My brain did not break over sentences punctuated with endless adverbs, or a bizarre obsession with a character’s breasts (as exploredContinue reading “I Am Legend”

Roasted In the Depths of the Slor

My boyfriend as Vinz Clortho, Halloween 2010 The number of times I’ve seen Ghostbusters is in the high double digits; I finally saw it, after 27 years, in an actual theater this past October. The special effects that were cutting-edge in 1984 were not at all diminished on the big screen, not for this fanContinue reading “Roasted In the Depths of the Slor”

Bah, Humbug!

Thanks to countless film adaptations, there are few people not familiar with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, even if they’ve never actually read it. The name “Scrooge” entered the lexicon as a synonym for “miser,” just as Dickens’ own name morphed into an adjective denoting extreme poverty. The injustices and outright cruelties of the IndustrialContinue reading “Bah, Humbug!”

Paranormal Activity

12 years ago, a little film called The Blair Witch Project polarized both the horror community and the movie-going public. You either loved it or hated it; there appeared to be no middle ground. 8 years after its release, the inevitable comparisons began when Paranormal Activity made its debut. Hand-held cameras, allegedly based on aContinue reading “Paranormal Activity”

Grave’s End

I had already written a post on Grave’s End when our Evil Overlord informed us that we were to write our posts as if Elaine Mercado’s account of her haunted house were in fact true. It’s easy to suspend disbelief when you’re reading/writing something that does not claim to be anything but fiction. That suspensionContinue reading “Grave’s End”

The Lovely Bones

I first read Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones around the same time I read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Good times in the Loring household that year. There are several topics I considered for this particular post, which has surely undergone more revision that necessary: isolation, the gender binary (Abigail deserves a post of her own),Continue reading “The Lovely Bones”

The Others

It’s been years since I last watched Alejandro Amenábar’s The Others. The film was released at a time when “twist” endings were all the rage (thank you, M. Night Shyamalan), due to the success of The Sixth Sense two years earlier. Much like that film, The Others relies on the concept of a ghost notContinue reading “The Others”

A Man Can’t Help His Nature

Last term we read Stephen King’s Misery, which was the first King book I ever read, 25 years ago. I was 10 at the time. (Now you know what’s wrong with me.) Consciously or not, my own work is influenced by Stephen King more than probably any other writer. At some point in my teensContinue reading “A Man Can’t Help His Nature”