Long Time, No Update

Hey kids, so it’s been a few months since the last post. I’ve been insanely busy and rather lazy about updating, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of exciting things going on. First off, May marked the release of Electronic Saviors 2 and my CD debut. If you want to hear my track but didn’t get the premium edition, you’re out of luck. However, at some point in the future I am going to resurrect my musical project and give my material a proper release. I’m hoping to relaunch my podcast as well.

In June I began my 4th term as a grad student, and I’ve got 11 months to go. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is both gratifying and frightening, as this term and the next promise a great deal of hard work. As you may or may not know, I decided in March to embark on a major rewrite of my thesis project, which involved introducing a new antihero to the cast of characters. Now I’m weaving together the fairytale “Donkeyskin” with Chinese myth and mysticism, African and Roma folklore, Gnosticism, witchcraft, Jungian psychology, Nietzschean philosophy, the Kensington Strangler, and female genital mutilation. I finally like where this is going and I’m having fun working on it.

In addition, I’ve got one short story making the rounds and should have two more submitted by next weekend. I have more ideas than I have time to write, but I’m trying to get as many stories written as possible (especially since I just lost what was a major source of income for the past couple of months). Somehow I have found time to read for pleasure again as well–at least until my teaching class starts. Since my last post I’ve finished House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, The Passage by Justin Cronin, and Eyes Everywhere by Matthew Warner. That book deserves its own post; maybe another time.

I think that covers everything for now. More updates soon…

Electronic Saviors update

Last year I posted that I would be taking part in the second edition of the massive compilation Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer. I’m excited to tell you that the time for pre-orders has arrived! My track, under my DJ name (DJ Lollidrop) appears only on the premium edition, but no matter which edition you purchase, your money goes toward fighting a disease that has touched nearly everyone’s lives in some way.

Bottom line: help fight cancer and get a ton of great music at an insane price! Order here.

No Wonder My Nose Keeps Bleeding…

A long weekend is nearly upon me (hooray for a day job that follows the federal holiday schedule), to be filled with thesis revisions and progress on the five short stories currently brewing. (One is for a dieselpunk anthology put out by the fine folks at Twit Publishing, but that’s not due until the end of April. Whew.) I’ve got “The Bombay Trash Service” out to reprint anthology Best New Zombie Tales, so fingers are crossed. I plan to squeeze some art in over the weekend, too. Hopefully that section of the blog will be updated soon. Lots of collage work going on, but I really want to get back to my pinup girls.

Some of you already know that last month I started working for Musa Publishing as one of the three editors for their YA imprint, Euterpe. I’m currently editing two manuscripts, and I have no doubt that Musa will do great things, given the quality of the work they’re putting out. They also run a spec-fic webzine, Penumbra, so what are you waiting for? Go submit something.

And finally…my alter ego, DJ Lollidrop, wrote a track that was selected to appear on the digital portion of the upcoming Electronic Saviors Vol. 2 compilation. It’s an amazing comp for a great cause–the fight against cancer. My dear friend Jim Semonik, whom I have known for over 11 years, with whom I have promoted shows and DJ’d, and who is truly the brother I never had, lost a substantial portion of his digestive tract to colon cancer at the age of 32. He’s been cancer-free for three years now, and from his experience the Electronic Saviors concept was born. Entitled “The Waiting Game,” my track is a fairly minimalist reflection of the simple terror in waiting for test results. DJ Lollidrop is trying to find time to put up a new podcast, too.

In reference to the title of this post, I had nosebleeds for five days straight, was given a two-day respite, and woke up this morning to a schnoz full of blood. Allergies? Sinuses? High blood pressure strikes back? We’ll see what happens this weekend, and then off to the doctor. 

So, what’s new with you?