The Private Sector by Leigh M. Lane

New release from Eldritch Press! The world of corporate greed runs rampant after the government collapses, leaving police, fire, and social services in the hands of the wealthy. Debtor prisons for the lower and middle classes overflow and quarantine camps have filled to capacity, turning the streets into a personal battleground for terrorists fighting againstContinue reading “The Private Sector by Leigh M. Lane”

Those of My Kind Playlist

If you know me, you know I love music. I was a DJ for quite a while, and music is still a huge source of inspiration for me. One thing I like to do is create my dream soundtrack for the books I write. So, with Those of My Kind out in just about aContinue reading “Those of My Kind Playlist”

The Dunfield Terror by William Meikle–Out Now!

THE DUNFIELD TERROR, a new tale of supernatural terror from William Meikle. Coming April 7th in limited edition hardcover, paperback and ebook. It starts with a strange glowing fog that arrives at the height of a snowstorm. The old stories tell of a post-war experiment gone wrong. Now a terrible mistake from the past hasContinue reading “The Dunfield Terror by William Meikle–Out Now!”

Critical Hit-On by Deanna Dee–Out Now!

Critical Hit-On (The Games of Love, #1) By Deanna Dee Genre: new adult geek romance Length: 216 pages Roll for attraction. Molly Moreau used to be a geek with the best of them—role playing games, multi-user dungeons, trading cards—the works. Then she found her long-time boyfriend in a dark corner with a girl dressed asContinue reading “Critical Hit-On by Deanna Dee–Out Now!”

SKIN TRADE by Tonia Brown — Out Now!

SKIN TRADE is a historical horror about a young girl who journeys into the zombie-ridden west under the guise of a boy to learn the art of the skin trade–trapping and skinning zombies to sell their hides. Along the way she learns what it takes to pass as a man, what she misses about beingContinue reading “SKIN TRADE by Tonia Brown — Out Now!”

Those of My Kind Has a New Home

I refrained from posting about the Permuted Press debacle last month, but suffice it to say that I terminated my contract with them. That freed me from writing the second and third books, which I hated, of a four-book contract, but it also meant that Those of My Kind needed a new home. After someContinue reading “Those of My Kind Has a New Home”

Guest Post: The OneStop Apocalypse Shop by Derek J. Goodman

Hi, my name is Derek J. Goodman, and I would like to talk about the Kickstarter for the movie The OneStop Apocalypse Shop, based on my novel The Apocalypse Shift. The one thing I get asked the most about the novel is if I, like the characters, have ever worked the graveyard shift at aContinue reading “Guest Post: The OneStop Apocalypse Shop by Derek J. Goodman”

A Brief Roundup

I’ve been traveling a lot over the past couple weeks and haven’t had much time to post, but I wanted to mention a few things: 1. I now have the release dates for all four books from Permuted Press. 10/13/2015 Those of My Kind 11/10/2015 A Place With The Dead 12/8/2015 Dusk of Hope 5/3/2016Continue reading “A Brief Roundup”