Autism Awareness Blog Hop 2017

I’m participating in this year’s blog hop to represent my nephew, who has autism spectrum disorder. Autism now affects 1 in 68 children, and boys are four times more likely to have it than girls. My nephew will be graduating from high school (at 16!) in June and off to Marymount University in the fall.

This year’s theme is animals, so let me introduce you to another success story–my basset hounds, Daisy and Rocky, who my husband and I adopted from Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue almost two years ago. They were rescued from a life of horrible neglect in Tennessee but have been properly spoiled since arriving at our door.

Older dogs are often overlooked as adoptees; I specifically wanted older dogs for this very reason. Daisy was seven at the time and Rocky five–not that they act their ages!

Thanks to RJ Scott for organizing this blog hop; be sure to visit her site as well as the other participating authors! And if you comment on this post, you will be entered to win an ebook copy of an anthology of your choice!