Old Tales in New Clothes: Once upon the Internet

I’ve been super MIA from this blog during the pandemic, but not because I haven’t been busy! This post from Once upon a Blog came at just the right time; I’m working a lot with fairy tale retellings again, and here we have some fun re-contextualizations of popular fairy tales for modern times. Click onContinue reading “Old Tales in New Clothes: Once upon the Internet”


These five fairy tales feature LGBTQ characters, many of whom begin life in castles, yet make their way into the wild forests for love, truth, and a sense of themselves. This free anthology takes the classics and makes them ours. White Deer by Jess Martin – Curses, shape-shifting, and shrimp fairies: welcome to Jenn’s versionContinue reading “Coming Soon: FOREST SECLUSION”

5 Things Writers Can Learn From Reading Fairy Tales – Writer’s Edit

The simple structure, clear elements, and unadorned style of fairy tales are something all writers can learn from. After all, fairy tales have passed the test of time. They engage readers (or listeners) exactly because their simplicity makes for dynamic (and dramatic!) stories. Regardless of what genre you write, here are the top five thingsContinue reading “5 Things Writers Can Learn From Reading Fairy Tales – Writer’s Edit”

Grimm and Grimmer Volume Two

From Amazon.com’s description: “In the second volume of our Grimm and Grimmer series of retold fairy tales, we present six new or established writers who bring together a collection of tasty treats. Reading the original tales, you realise how many of those tales were simple lessons about behaviour and survival. Some were lessons we couldContinue reading “Grimm and Grimmer Volume Two”