The Monstrous Feminine: Dark Tales of Dangerous Women

Just in time for Halloween! I’m in this amazing anthology now available on Amazon for Kindle, with print and Audible coming soon. Get yours now, and part of your purchase will go to the Global Fund For Women! Click the graphic for more…

Enter the world of the Monstrous Feminine, where fourteen authors weave a dangerous web of tales for your personal delight and fright. You’ll meet an archaeologist who opens her mouth at the worst possible moment and you’ll discover the protector of all life who decides the fate of humans. Follow four girls into their town at the height of the witching hour and bump into a peculiar woman who rehabilitates misogynists. Beware of a ravenous grandma and pray for the handyman who trespasses into a creepy house. Turn the pages and you’ll unearth the reason a woman seeks comfort in a strange one-night stand, and you’ll stumble upon a doctor and the disastrous epidemic ravaging her city. And family–you can’t pick them or easily kill them, but never mess with a woman when the red moon rises. What happens when certain women are mistreated? Or when experimental drugs are used on women without their consent? When something wild comes knocking at your door and the ground is smothered with a blanket of snow, what will you do? Don’t go floating on the muddy river James to uncover the answers or you just might find you get carried far away!

“The Monstrous Feminine is brilliant, unnerving, and deeply weird!
BRAVA! Highly recommended for everyone who loves superior horror!”
–Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of

“In a compendium of ghastly tales that are as brilliant as they are
depraved, Ferguson and Campbell have packed this anthology with
fresh and worthy talents who prove, time and again, that doubting
readers discount the female horror author at their peril.”
–Moaner T. Lawrence, author of Beholden and
Bad Newes from New England

“Maiden, mother, harlot, crone . . . creative power and destructive
savagery . . . from purity to passion, protectiveness to revenge . . .
womanhood is a jewel of many facets, and these fascinating stories
by fierce and fearsome ladies examine both the sparkle and shadow of
their impregnable depths.”
–Christine Morgan, author of Lakehouse Infernal