4 Signs It’s Time To Quit A Writing Project – Writer’s Edit

There is a romantic myth that surrounds writers. This myth is rife with infatuation, possessiveness and protectiveness: a writer is supposed to be obsessed with their work. Utterly absorbed. If their creative process stalls, or in some instances flatlines, the writer should just work harder. More rewrites, more experimentation. They should even put the draft away toContinue reading “4 Signs It’s Time To Quit A Writing Project – Writer’s Edit”

#LifeBooksWriting Blog Challenge: My Writing Room

Until last year, I never had a dedicated writing space. Because I write the first draft of almost everything longhand, I’m usually on the couch with a notebook, or at a coffee shop. When I needed to type subsequent drafts, I was stuck at a desk in the bedroom, the only room in our oldContinue reading “#LifeBooksWriting Blog Challenge: My Writing Room”