6 Questions To Help You Avoid Predatory Publishers – Writer’s Edit

For many writers, publication can seem like the ultimate prize. Many anticipate the wondrous moment when a publisher will finally say “yes” – launching their careers and justifying years of hard labour. But the publishing industry, like all industries, does have a few predators, which budding writers would do best to avoid. These “publishers” mayContinue reading “6 Questions To Help You Avoid Predatory Publishers – Writer’s Edit”

#Firebird #Book 3 Naming #Contest!

I’m preparing to send The Firebird Trilogy Book 3 off to my publisher. Only problem? It still doesn’t have a title, and that’s where you come in. If I choose your title, you will receive an acknowledgement in the book, signed paperback copies of Firebird and What’s Left of Me, and more! The blurb isn’tContinue reading “#Firebird #Book 3 Naming #Contest!”

Now What?

I’m at a weird point here in the final stages of 2016. I plan on sending the final book of The Firebird Trilogy to my publisher in November, and then…I have no idea what’s next. Well, I do, sort of (and the next book will involve seeking an agent as well), but not in theContinue reading “Now What?”

Crap someone should have told you writers by now – Rebecca T Dickson

Sometimes, you don’t need preamble. Sometimes, you need someone to give it to you straight. Hi. *waves* This is for every writer on this whacked out planet. • Your early work will suck. • Your later work, in its early drafts, will still suck. • No one cares about your writing unless you’re at (orContinue reading “Crap someone should have told you writers by now – Rebecca T Dickson”


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#LifeBooksWriting: Music I Love/Book Playlists

Once upon a time, in another life, I was a DJ. Music has always been a huge part of my world; I can’t really work without it. I will listen to almost anything except contemporary country, but my favorite genres (in no particular order) are industrial, goth, dark ambient, neoclassical, trap, house, trance, and videoContinue reading “#LifeBooksWriting: Music I Love/Book Playlists”

Interview with J. L. Gribble, author of the Steel Empires series

About the Book The Steel Empires series is a very different sort of urban fantasy series, with elements of alternate history and epic adventure. The second installment, Steel Magic, will be released in hardcopy and ebook on July 6! Until then, don’t miss out on the beginning of the story while the first book, SteelContinue reading “Interview with J. L. Gribble, author of the Steel Empires series”